PP Interlocking Tiles

PP Interlocking Tiles


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PP Interlocking Tiles - ITF/FIBA Approved Tiles

Interlocking polypropylene tiles

The flooring option we offer, Polypropylene Interlocking Tiles, offers more economy, convenience, and speed of installation. The assembled modules are transportable and can be put on any flat, hard surface in any other location. The surface is available in a variety of colours. It is approved by FIBA, ITF, and AVC and is favoured in multiple sports.

Sports Flooring Made of Polypropylene for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Modular Sports Floor: High Performance, Safety, Comfort, Durability, Zero Maintenance, Unlimited Creativity, and Last but Not Least, Economical when Compared to Life Span.

For Sports +
  • Lower back and knee problems are less likely because of the outstanding vertical and lateral shock absorption that provides comprehensive protection against injuries.
  • Due to the firmness and profile finish, a true sport surface, and the high grip with ease for reflex movement, the ball rebounds perfectly.
Practical +
  • Simple & Portable Installation
  • No glue or fasteners, neat work
  • UV-resistant, very water and humidity resistant
  • Self-Draining

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PP Interlocking Tiles are a type of modular sports flooring made of polypropylene. They are designed to provide a versatile, economical, and easy-to-install surface suitable for various indoor and outdoor sports.

PP Interlocking Tiles are chosen for sports flooring due to their high performance, safety features, durability, and low maintenance requirements. They offer a cost-effective solution compared to traditional flooring options.

These tiles offer outstanding vertical and lateral shock absorption, providing comprehensive protection against sports-related injuries.

Opt for the finest sports infra development team for your forthcoming project.

Opt for the finest sports infra development team for your forthcoming project.

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