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Hockey Turf: Elevating the Game on a Perfect Playing Surface

Hockey, with its fast-paced action and intricate skills, requires a meticulously designed playing surface to bring out the best in players and the sport itself. The construction of a hockey turf involves a fusion of engineering, technology, and player needs to create an environment that caters to both dry and wet play, while upholding the pride of our national game.

Foundation and Base: The foundation of a hockey turf is the cornerstone of its performance. An asphalt base with well-placed drainage systems encircling the field ensures efficient water runoff, preventing waterlogging and maintaining a consistent playing surface.

Shock Absorption and Player Safety: Player safety is paramount, and a well-constructed hockey turf addresses this through thoughtful shock absorption mechanisms.

Shock Pads (Alveo Pads or Insitu Rubber Shock Pads): The addition of shock pads, measuring 10 to 15 mm in thickness, provides a layer of cushioning beneath the turf. These pads mitigate the impact on players’ joints and muscles, contributing to enhanced safety and reducing the risk of injuries.

Turf Materials and Specifications: The selection of the turf material and adherence to global standards are fundamental to achieving a high-quality hockey playing surface.

FIH Global and FIH National Standards: Meeting the stringent standards set by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) is crucial. A rigorous 13 mm FIH Global product or an 18 mm sand-filled FIH National product ensures uniformity in gameplay and accommodates both dry and wet conditions.

Dry and Wet Play Performance: The ideal hockey turf is designed to excel in various weather conditions. It offers predictable ball movement, consistent ball roll, and traction for players during both dry and wet play.

Wet Play and Irrigation: To ensure the turf remains playable during wet conditions, an efficient irrigation system is imperative.

Sprinkler System and Sump: A well-designed sprinkler system, complemented by a sump, allows precise control of water distribution. This prevents water accumulation and ensures that the turf retains its quality even after heavy rainfall.

Promotion and Investment: Promoting hockey as a sport involves creating world-class facilities that nurture talent and passion. While larger full-size hockey fields often necessitate government investment due to the substantial land requirements, smaller 5-a-side fields can benefit from private investments. Encouraging individuals and organizations to invest in these facilities not only supports the sport’s growth but also maintains its national pride and heritage.

Orissa’s Leading Role: Orissa’s dedication to the promotion of hockey serves as an inspiring model for other states. By fostering top-tier facilities and providing support at various levels, the state is not only nurturing players but also contributing to the growth of hockey as a sport.

In conclusion, crafting a hockey turf involves combining innovation, technology, and safety considerations to create an environment that elevates the performance of players and the sport itself. From the foundation to the shock-absorbing layers, each element contributes to delivering an exceptional playing experience, catering to both dry and wet conditions. By investing in hockey facilities, we uphold the spirit of our national game and ensure its continued pride and prominence.

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Being an FIH Preferred Supplier means that our hockey systems meet all the standards set by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), ensuring they meet requirements such as Ball Roll, Ball Rebound, and Impact Response.

The FIH categorizes hockey fields into different levels based on their playing applications. Global Elite Level is for international matches, Global Level is for high-level competitions, National Level is for national-level play, and Multi-Level fields cater to a variety of playing needs, including junior training.

An FIH Certified Manufacturer specializes in manufacturing hockey turf and provides comprehensive solutions for building hockey fields to meet the game's standards. They maintain quality management systems, offer maintenance advice, and ensure consistency in their products.

Opt for the finest sports infra development team for your forthcoming project.

Opt for the finest sports infra development team for your forthcoming project.

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