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Revolutionizing Athletic Tracks in India

Gallant Sports is bringing high-performance, innovative track systems recognized by the International Athletic Federation to India with China’s foremost athletic track and polyurethane court producer. Silicon polyurethane outdoor basketball, handball, skate, and volleyball courts are also coming. Spray coat tracks, two-layered sandwich systems, professional PU tracks, and jogging tracks are available. These tracks meet worldwide requirements for performance, safety, and longevity. Gallant Sports wants to make these world-class tracks affordable for Indian schools, universities, institutes, and residential and commercial buildings.

Athletics Tracks and Jogging Tracks

High-performance, innovative athletic track systems approved by the International Athletic Federation.

Gallant Sports is pleased to partner with China’s largest manufacturer and installer of Athletic Tracks and polyurethane (PU) Courts to bring these world-class tracks to India.

With this association, Gallant also proudly brings the latest innovation in outdoor courts–silicon polyurethane outdoor courts–for basketball, handball, skating, and volleyball to India. These are made on Insitu SBR Rubber or Rubber Shock pads in 5 + 2 mm, 7 + 2 mm, 10 + 3 Mm, and so on.

We are also delighted to introduce real PU plus EPDM based athletic tracks in India, ideal for schools, colleges, and institutes, as well as all residential or commercial properties.

Our athletic track products include

  • Spray Coat – IAAF Approved athletic tracks – Our main product would be a spray coat athletic track, representing the most technologically advanced running surfaces in the world. The cost of putting up such tracks would be very nominal thus making the tracks truly economical.
  • Sandwich System -These are two-layered ployurethane track system. The base layer comprises a black mat of SBR rubber granules bound in polyurethane. The surface layer is made of EPDM rubber granules cast into a PU flood coat. This allows converting or creating cushioned synthetic tracks that help optimum performance, low-injury and maximum durability. These tracks are again IAAF Approved for international racing standards.
  • Full PU tracks – These are top-end, state-of-the art tracks for professional level events. Extensively used in international competitions, these premium tracks are made to high-end top quality specifications and come at a high price point. These PU Athletics Track Surfaces are impervious so basically non porous and do not allow water to soak through the system. The advantages of the Full PU Track are that it is hard wearing, long lasting, high durability with energy boosting elasticity. The Polyurethane Athletics Track Surfaces are perfect for spikes and an elite premium running track specification system.
  • Jogging Tracks – These tracks are quick to install, durable and available in multiple coloured choices and make ideal aesthetic and healthy choices for terraces, gardens and condominiums.

Why Gallant

We creates designs, deploys, and maintains international standard sporting infrastructure – that ranges from indoor to outdoor playing fields.

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Yes, all athletic track systems provided by Gallant Sports are approved by the International Athletic Federation (IAAF).

Gallant Sports brings silicon polyurethane outdoor courts for basketball, handball, skating, and volleyball to India.

The outdoor courts are made with Insitu SBR Rubber or Rubber Shock pads in various thicknesses, such as 5 + 2 mm, 7 + 2 mm, 10 + 3 mm, and more.

Yes, the athletic tracks offered by Gallant Sports are ideal for schools, colleges, and institutes, as well as residential or commercial properties.

Yes, Gallant Sports can provide customization options for their athletic tracks to meet specific requirements, ensuring they cater to the unique needs of different projects or locations.