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Redexim Maintenance Machines


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Redexim Maintenance Machines for Natural Grass

Redexim is renowned across the world for its expertise in natural turf upkeep, particularly with regard to aerating with the Verti-Drain. Redexim has created a full line of machines for the upkeep of artificial turf known as the Verti-Art series after many years of development. Many people think artificial turf will work after it is placed. Artificial grass, whether granulate filled or totally synthetic, requires cleaning and levelling of the granulate, which can collect in certain areas while leaving others without, just like real turf needs regular grooming and aerating to maintain healthy growth and look.

Maintenance of Training Fields

Professional football training demands top-notch practise fields. We can assist you in maintaining your fields using Redexim lawn maintenance equipment. You can choose the professional Redexim equipment based on your requirements and the size of your training complex.

Field maintenance at stadiums

The natural grass pitch in your stadium is its most significant “visitcard.” For the best playing performances, your stadium’s football pitch needs to be well-maintained during all weather situations. Redexim provides you with the maintenance equipment you need to create the ideal stadium surface.

Maintenance of Artificial Football Fields

Maintaining synthetic turf fields will preserve their durability and best playing qualities. The Redexim Verti-Art line of synthetic turf maintenance tools can help with this. Sand, crushed rubber, and any other infill materials should be added to synthetic grass pitches after they have been brushed, cleaned, decompressed, and filled. 

Top Dressing

Top dressings help to keep the soil sweet and assist in the breaking down of thatch. On sports fields, heavy applications of mostly sand-based materials can assist shape the camber of the surface and enhance drainage. In the growing season, frequent light dressing will aid in creating excellent surfaces. To give the required resilience, firm fast greens will need routine top dressing. Brushing appropriate top dressings into Verti-Drain holes will connect the surface to the drainage layers below. Existing soils can be improved and even exchanged by applications of suitable top dressings after a hollow coring program.

If you’re interested, in getting high-quality Redexim Maintenance Machines to keep your grass golf and football fields or synthetic grounds in good condition feel free to contact us at Gallant Sports. Our team is dedicated to helping you choose the maintenance equipment that suits your needs. Whether you want turf for your golf course or football field or need efficient solutions for synthetic surfaces we have the expertise and resources to assist you. Reach out to us today. Let us work together to enhance the maintenance standards of your sports facilities. Your satisfaction is our priority. We’re excited about partnering with you to achieve quality, on your sports surfaces.

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Redexim is renowned worldwide for its expertise in natural turf maintenance, particularly for its innovative Verti-Drain technology, which is a key component in achieving optimal aeration for natural grass.

The Verti-Drain is a cutting-edge aeration machine designed by Redexim. It plays a crucial role in turf aeration by creating channels in the soil, allowing for better root growth, improved water infiltration, and enhanced overall turf health.

Stadium grass pitches require meticulous maintenance for peak performance. Redexim provides the necessary equipment to create ideal playing surfaces that can withstand all weather conditions.

Opt for the finest sports infra development team for your forthcoming project.

Opt for the finest sports infra development team for your forthcoming project.

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