Is Artificial Grass Waterproof?

Is Artificial Grass Waterproof?

Artificial grass is water resistant. Artificial grass is water resistant, yes. Our artificial grass is made of materials that are all incredibly resilient and won’t break down when exposed to moisture.

Does artificial grass let water through?

Artificial grass already has a very good drainage system, so it doesn’t need to worry about it. Like genuine grass, it can drain water, allowing it to pass through the turf backing and drain to the water table through the foundation.

The “Hole-Punched” backing is the most popular form of synthetic grass backing, with drainage holes evenly scattered over the turf to enable quick drainage. It has been used for decades and is still one of the most popular forms of backing, being widely utilized in gardens, landscapes, and patios due to its durability, performance, and affordability.

Another form of backing is 100% permeable and is typically utilized for locations that need a lot of drainages, such as pet lawns.

Does rain damage artificial grass?

Artificial grass is typically constructed of PE or PP, both of which are waterproof and capable of withstanding prolonged submersion without suffering harm. Manufacturers of artificial turf offer warranties covering both the materials used in production and the durability of their goods.

Artificial grass always maintains a lush appearance that is aesthetically pleasing in all seasons and is unaffected by external weather factors like rain or direct sunlight. Our artificial turf products contain the greatest UV inhibitors and, depending on use and maintenance, have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years.

Furthermore, artificial grass requires very little care. It doesn’t produce mud, doesn’t need fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides, and doesn’t need watering, all of which contribute to water conservation. You must frequently clean and disinfect it to stop bacterial growth.

Is artificial grass affected by extreme rainfall?

You might worry that the infill for artificial turf will wash away during periods of intense rainfall. It’s critical to pick the proper type of infill for your lawn or playing field since some forms of infill might rise or float after heavy rains.

In regions where significant snowfall can be expected, the field should have an extended synthetic turf portion that is hard-surfaced or paved, or it should have drains that are appropriately built and have silt traps to catch any infill that is washed away.

How to deal with the snow and ice of artificial grass?

Artificial turf can resist cold weather and survive the winter without yellowing like natural turf does. How can artificial grass be kept in its finest shape for use on snowy days?

In general, it’s best to let snow and ice melt and evaporate on the lawn to deal with them. But occasionally, you might wish to clear snow or ice off of your artificial grass.

You can simply brush or sweep away extremely little snowfall. It’s recommended to only remove the top layer of snow, leaving approximately an inch of snow to be cleared with a broom. If the snow is thick, you can choose to shovel the snow or use a snow blower.

Your grass might be flattened after the snow has melted or been removed because of the weight of the snow. Over time, it will, however, inevitably recover. Crossing the bristles will assist you lift the piles, just like any other time of year. This extra push will enable the appearance of your lawn to return to normal more quickly.

One thing to keep in mind is that while using salt to melt snow off your lawn is possible, it is not advised. Salt can clog the drainage openings in the rear of the turf, making it impossible for the grass to dry out properly.

CCGrass superior drainage waterproof artificial grass

The innovative Recyclable XTM Series is a waterproof artificial grass that is 100% recyclable. You benefit from improved drainage, softness, and ultra-lightweights because of its novel new backing. Landscape grass has never had a user experience like Recyclable X’s.


Artificial turf is a great landscaping material for homes in places with extreme weather since it can endure the warmest temperatures as well as ice and snow.

Your turf’s best friend is rain, which can be used to remove dirt and dust from the grass without the need for extensive upkeep.

Nothing beats CCGrass artificial grass if you’re searching for a low-maintenance landscaping option that always remains lush and perfect.

More than 140 nations have installed CCGrass devices, and millions of families worldwide largely approve of them. We offer 100% permeable artificial grass in addition to waterproof, strong turf materials.

Get our waterproof artificial grass product catalog by contacting us at or by phone at +91 99586 77005.

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