Case Study: Transforming Football in Goa: Gallant Sports’ FIFA Approved Synthetic Football Turf at INS Hansa

Case Study: Transforming Football in Goa: Gallant Sports’ FIFA Approved Synthetic Football Turf at INS Hansa

In a strategic move to bolster sports infrastructure and enhance recreational opportunities, Gallant Sports undertook a monumental project alongside the Indian Navy at INS Hansa, Goa. This ambitious endeavor aimed to construct a FIFA-standard synthetic football turf, promising to revolutionize the region’s sporting landscape.

Project Overview

The scope was comprehensive: design, construction, and certification of a cutting-edge football turf that adhered strictly to FIFA’s stringent standards. Beyond merely laying synthetic grass, the project encompassed intricate civil works such as drainage systems, perimeter fencing, and even night-time lighting, ensuring the facility’s functionality and security.


From the outset, the objectives were clear:

  1. Deliver a durable, top-quality football turf suitable for professional training and matches.
  2. Enhance INS Hansa’s facilities to foster physical fitness and recreational activities among naval personnel.
  3. Obtain FIFA certification, validating compliance with global standards in football infrastructure.

Project Components

The meticulous execution involved several crucial components:

  • Synthetic Turf Installation: Careful selection and installation of FIFA-certified synthetic materials, including shock pads and infill materials for optimal player comfort and safety.
  • Civil Works: Robust sub-base construction and advanced drainage systems tailored to withstand Goa’s coastal climate, supplemented by fencing and spectator areas.
  • FIFA Testing & Certification: Rigorous testing for ball roll, shock absorption, and other criteria, ensuring the turf met FIFA Quality Programme standards.
  • Allied Related Work: Installation of essential equipment like goal posts, corner flags, and comprehensive landscaping to integrate functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Implementation Steps

The journey from planning to completion was methodical:

  • Planning and Design: Detailed surveys and soil testing informed precise layout designs and drainage strategies.
  • Construction Phase: From excavation to turf laying, every step adhered to strict quality control measures and timelines.
  • FIFA Certification Process: Continuous oversight and collaboration with FIFA-approved experts culminated in achieving the prestigious FIFA Quality Pro certification.
  • Final Touches and Handover: After meticulous inspections and staff training, the facility was officially handed over, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.

Challenges and Solutions

Throughout the project, Gallant Sports navigated challenges with finesse:

  • Weather Conditions: Goa’s humidity and seasonal rains necessitated innovative drainage solutions and weather-resistant materials.
  • FIFA Compliance: Stringent standards demanded meticulous execution and constant consultation with industry experts.
  • Logistical Issues: Operating within a secure naval base required precise coordination and adherence to stringent security protocols.


The successful completion of the FIFA-standard football turf marked a significant achievement:

  • Enhanced Facility: INS Hansa now boasts a world-class sports facility, fostering a culture of fitness and sportsmanship among naval personnel.
  • FIFA Certification: Meeting FIFA’s exacting standards affirmed the turf’s capability to host professional-level matches and training sessions.
  • Increased Usage: The new facility spurred greater utilization for sports events and recreational activities, promoting physical well-being within the naval community.


The collaboration between Gallant Sports and the Indian Navy exemplifies a synergistic approach to infrastructure development. By delivering a superior sports facility, the project not only met technical benchmarks but also enriched the lives of those serving at INS Hansa, Goa.

In conclusion, the construction and installation of the FIFA standard football turf at INS Hansa stands as a testament to innovation and collaboration in sports infrastructure development. This transformative project underscores Gallant Sports’ commitment to excellence and sets a new benchmark for sports facilities in the region, promising a brighter future for football enthusiasts and naval personnel alike.

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