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We are an FIH Preferred Supplier and FIH Certified Manufacturer for 8 years.
The International Hockey Federation (FIH) divides hockey fields into Global Elite Level, Global Level, National Level, and Multi-Level. We offer systems for all the levels to suit different playing applications from international matches to junior training. As an FIH Preferred Supplier, our hockey systems meet all FIH standards, including but not limited to Ball Roll, Ball Rebound, and Impact Response. Our global level system is certified for FIH Tier 1 competitions such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

What is an FIH Certified Manufacturer & Preferred Supplier?
FIH Certified Manufacturers are companies that specialize in the manufacturing of hockey turf and provide a one-stop-shop solution for building hockey fields to the standards the game requires, operate quality management systems to ensure consistency in their products, and provide comprehensive maintenance advice to customers purchasing their products.

Why you Should choose an FIH Preferred Producer?

  • Full control of manufacture, installation and maintainance
  • Quality assurance system for both products and fields
  • FIH accredited laboratory testing
  • FIH Quality Programme
  • Continuous hockey turf manufacturing and innovation
  • Professional consultation service & field design
  • Full back up service, including extensive warranties and maintenance guidance

Why Gallant

We creates designs, deploys, and maintains international standard sporting infrastructure – that ranges from indoor to outdoor playing fields. We are happy to announce that Gallant Sports is also ADIDAS PERFORMANCE PARTNERS in India.

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Being an FIH Preferred Supplier means that our hockey systems meet all the standards set by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), ensuring they meet requirements such as Ball Roll, Ball Rebound, and Impact Response.

The FIH categorizes hockey fields into different levels based on their playing applications. Global Elite Level is for international matches, Global Level is for high-level competitions, National Level is for national-level play, and Multi-Level fields cater to a variety of playing needs, including junior training.

An FIH Certified Manufacturer specializes in manufacturing hockey turf and provides comprehensive solutions for building hockey fields to meet the game's standards. They maintain quality management systems, offer maintenance advice, and ensure consistency in their products.

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