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Greetings from Gallant Sports! We are pleased to introduce our cutting-edge badminton court mat, which was created to improve your performance and badminton enjoyment. Our Enlio Crystal Sand Surface Badminton Mat is the best option for both professionals and amateurs because it was made exclusively for badminton tournaments.

Let’s look at the unique qualities that make our badminton court mat stand out from the competition:

A surface made of crystal sand provides the ideal combination of smoothness and grip for an excellent playing experience. You can concentrate on your game without any interruptions thanks to its exceptionally fine abrasion and robust performance, which assure consistent gaming.

PET Woven Fabric Stable Layer: This layer gives the mat more sturdiness and durability so it can endure the demanding requirements of intense gameplay. It improves the mat’s general strength, which helps it perform well over time.

PVC Wear Resistant Layer: The PVC wear-resistant layer ensures remarkable durability and is made to handle strong foot traffic and continuous use. The mat is shielded against nicks, dings, and regular wear and tear so that it keeps its perfect appearance even after repeated use.

Polyester Mesh Layer: By adding more strength and stability to the mat, the polyester mesh layer improves its structural integrity. It makes sure the mat stays flat and taut, eliminating any unintended deformations while playing.

Our badminton court mat is strengthened to resist stretching and ripping thanks to the PVC-reinforced layer. This layer serves as a protection, strengthening the mat’s framework and boosting its overall toughness.

The high-density foam layer provides great shock absorption, reducing the impact on joints and lowering the risk of injuries. It also contains zero calcium powder. The absence of calcium powder offers a risk-free playing environment devoid of any dangerous elements.

High Density and Double Buffer Layer: This layer offers outstanding cushioning and a comfortable playing surface to help players stay fresh over prolonged games. It lessens the stress on your feet and legs, enabling you to play at your best the entire game.

The Enlio “Y” Bottom Grains provide the best grip and stability, keeping the mat from slipping or sliding during vigorous exercises. This feature provides an additional layer of security, letting you concentrate on your performance without being concerned about the stability of the mat.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has given its clearance to our Enlio Crystal Sand Surface Badminton Mat, and it complies with EN14904. It is the best option for serious players and event directors because it is generally accepted and trusted in several professional badminton championships.

Our Badminton Court Mat is another example of how Gallant Sports is dedicated to giving you the best sports gear possible. Invest in our state-of-the-art mat to take your badminton game to the next level.

Discover the Gallant Sports difference, where performance and excellence collide. Get in touch with us right now to place your order for an Enlio Crystal Sand Surface Badminton Mat and advance your badminton abilities.

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We creates designs, deploys, and maintains international standard sporting infrastructure – that ranges from indoor to outdoor playing fields. We are happy to announce that Gallant Sports is also ADIDAS PERFORMANCE PARTNERS in India.

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The surface of our badminton court mat is made of crystal sand, providing a perfect combination of smoothness and grip for an exceptional playing experience. It offers fine abrasion and durable performance, ensuring consistent gameplay.

The PVC Reinforced Layer fortifies the mat, making it resistant to stretching and tearing. It acts as a protective shield, reinforcing the mat's structure and enhancing its overall durability.

The double buffer layer offers exceptional cushioning, providing a comfortable playing surface that reduces fatigue during long matches. It helps alleviate the strain on your feet and legs, allowing you to maintain peak performance throughout your games.

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