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Redexim Charterhouse

Redexim Charthouse, based in the Netherlands, sells golf course and turf management equipment to over 100 countries. Redexim develops equipment to manage natural and artificial grass on golf courses, cricket stadiums, football fields, polo grounds, and other outdoor sports areas. Redexim supplied Rio 2016. Redexim’s industry-leading Verti-Drain, Verti-Seed, and Eosy Spread lawn management technologies. Redexim’s global contributor network ensures the industry’s best after-sales and service program and port availability to keep equipment running. Gallant Sports & Infra Net. Ltd. is proud to distribute Redexim Charterhouse’s cutting-edge turf management machinery in India to buyers seeking reliable one-stop sports infrastructure maintenance solutions. Synthetic and natural grass.

Global Leaders in Turf Management Equipment: Redexim Charterhouse

Headquartered in Netherlands, Redexim Chcrterhouse is a global suppler of Golf Course and Turf Management equipment with a distribution network in over 100 countries and offices in Australia, China, United Kingdom and USA. Redexim develops and manufactures machines for maintenance of both natural and artificial turf for golf courses. cricket stadiums, football fields. polo grounds and all other outdoor sports fields.

Redexim machinery has been the preferred choice for the 2016 Rio Olympics.Redexim’s unique and trend-setting machines like Verti-Drain, Verti-Seed and Eosy Spread are the most advanced turf management tools in the market, recognized for performance, quality, durability and customer satisfaction. The robust global contribution network of Redexim ensures that all products are backed by the best after sale and service program in the industry with a guarantee of spore ports availability to keep the equipment running.

Gallant Sports & Infra Net. Ltd. is proud to be the official distributor’ of Redexim Charterhouse’s cutting-edge turf maintenance machinery in India and extending their reach to the buyers who ore looking for reliable one-stop shop solutions for sports infrastructure maintenance solutions. both for artificial turf and natural grass.

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Yes, Redexim Charterhouse equipment is designed to be used for multiple sports, including golf, cricket, football, polo, and others.

Redexim Charterhouse primarily serves the golf course and turf management industry, as well as various outdoor sports fields.

Redexim Charterhouse provides maintenance equipment for golf courses, cricket stadiums, football fields, polo grounds, and other sports fields.