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Welcome to Gallant Sports, where you can find the best basketball flooring options available. Our cutting-edge basketball flooring is made to improve performance, safety, and aesthetics, providing players of all skill levels with an unmatched playing experience.

At Gallant Sports, we recognise the value of a tough and long-lasting basketball court surface. To survive the rigours of intensive gaming while offering superior traction and support, our basketball flooring is painstakingly created with numerous layers of quality materials. Let’s examine more closely the unique characteristics that set our basketball flooring apart from the competition:

Super PVC Transparent Wear Layer: A super PVC transparent wear layer makes up the top layer of our basketball flooring. This layer provides outstanding durability, shielding the surface from wear from repeated use as well as scratches, scuffs, and wear. The rich maple colour print layer underneath stays aesthetically appealing over time thanks to its transparency.

Our basketball flooring has a gorgeous layer with a maple colour print that gives the court a sense of class and authenticity. For players and spectators alike, this realistic pattern imitates the look of classic hardwood flooring to provide a welcoming and professional environment.

Fibre Glass and Polyester Mesh Layer: Our basketball flooring has a fibre glass and polyester mesh layer to increase stability and avoid any potential deformations. This layer adds strength and dimensional stability, guaranteeing that the court will remain structurally sound even while it is being heavily used.

PVC Reinforced Wear Layer: A PVC reinforced wear layer is located below the fibre glass and polyester mesh layer. This layer gives the flooring an additional layer of defence, greatly enhancing its resistance to impacts, abrasions, and indentations. For any sporting facility, it is a long-term investment because it increases the court’s longevity.

Our basketball flooring has a foam buffer layer because we place the biggest importance on player safety. This layer provides superior shock absorption, lowering the risk of accidents caused by falls and vigorous activities. Athletes may perform at their peak without sacrificing safety because to the surface’s comfort and forgiving qualities.

The bottom surface of our basketball flooring is made up of the famed “Y” bottom grains from Enlio. These grains guarantee the subfloor’s best adherence, preventing any movement or slide during play. The “Y” design improves stability and grip, enabling players to confidently change direction, pivot, and make rapid cuts.

For basketball flooring that flawlessly integrates performance, durability, and aesthetics, choose Gallant Sports. Our basketball flooring is made to meet the highest standards and surpass your expectations, whether you’re building a professional arena, a neighbourhood gym or a leisure facility.

Get in touch with us right now to learn more about your options for basketball flooring and let our team of professionals help you choose the best option for your sports facility. Improve your performance with Gallant Sports!

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We creates designs, deploys, and maintains international standard sporting infrastructure – that ranges from indoor to outdoor playing fields. We are happy to announce that Gallant Sports is also ADIDAS PERFORMANCE PARTNERS in India.

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Our basketball flooring stands out due to its durable construction, superior traction, and authentic maple color print layer, providing an exceptional playing experience.

The PVC reinforced wear layer provides an extra level of protection, making the flooring highly resistant to impacts, abrasions, and indentations, thereby extending its lifespan.

Our basketball flooring is primarily designed for indoor use. However, we also offer outdoor options that are specially engineered to withstand various weather conditions and provide excellent performance.

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