Ready Made Swimming Pools

Ready Made Swimming Pools

Gallant is happy to introduce readymade-movable swimming pools, water slides and water equipment which are not only low-cost but movable, dismountable, space-optimizer, durable long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Thinking of building a swimming pool in your bungalow, villa, parking lot, condominium? Wish to cool off in summer but the thought of painstaking building and maintenance putting you off? Think no further! Gallant Sports have an ingenious, space-optimization solution! We are happy to bring readymade swimming pools, water slides and water equipment to your doorstep.

The ready-made pools can be installed and dismantled within a week and can be erected over any flat surface. No more cumbersome digging or worries about leakages, maintenance or hygiene. We can install pre-fabricated, customized pools of any size in your clubs, educational institutes or residences and dismantle these in the off-season.

Dismountable pools are by far, the quickest, most convenient and cost-effective way of building a swimming pool. The solution is widely used in gyms, for creating swimming pool extensions, villas and bungalows.

The solution is all-encompassing accompanied by a filtering plant and complete water treatment plant alongside bespoke accessories like stairs and decks. It would be a fully assembled, ready-to-use unit when installed. The state-of-the-art accessory units are not only aesthetic to look at, but also consume very low power. The water treatment system can effectively remove the body of pollutants in the swimming pool and hence does not need a lot of water change.


High performance, low-cost solution – Movable, durable mounting-type pool price costs half the price of traditional swimming pool.

Convenient tear-open outfit - The erection and dismantling of its special structural design makes it really convenient and easy to operate. Gallant can make pools of any standard size, upto a size of even 25*50 metres.

Dismountable, space-optimizer units -Our pools can be used in season and can be completely dismounted and packed into a warehouse when not in season. This greatly optimizes play area for the next sport in the off-season. It is as easy as putting a pool on top of an existing basketball court or rooftop. The pools can be used in the parking lot, exhibition halls, tennis and basketball courts or school play grounds. Water slides and such amusement park accessories can be added on top for additional entertainment value.

Clean and hygienic — A revolutionary water cleaning technology comes with the swimming pools taking away the bother of cleanliness and hygiene. The powerful water purification unit, with its sand-supporting cylinder pump allows the water to be continuously purified as per use. The power efficient functions are further supplemented by artificial cleaning, sterilization and removal of algae. If well-managed, generally there is no requirement to change water in the pool for the entire season.

Maintenance Convenience – Boasting all of these features and more, our pools are of robust quality and can be easily maintained. Even in extreme cases of vandalism or artificial damage, the pools can also be easily and quickly restored to their original glory.

Durable and long-lasting – Our movable pools are highly sophisticated and backed by the best in business technology. Involving a careful selection of the raw material, they are produced in fully-automated factories, under the most hygienic conditions. The resulting high-quality products are well-designed structures that have at least ten years of service life.